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I bow to bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^ishii (RM) who is the guiding light
to many million seekers of Self scattered like jewels in this world.

Sri Aravind Kumar of this list was kind enough to send the verses
selected by ramaNa to me yesterday. English text does not give the
verse numbers but only the translation in sequence. I am sure
knowledgeable people in this list will be able identify the verses. I
sincerely request you all to make this discussion fruitful. Please
participate in this discussion and post your thoughts.

I know nothing about giita. So your participation is very important.

With love to all


We saw the verse which according to bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^ishii
gives the essential message of the giitaa. That is X:20

ahamaatmaa guDaakesha sarvabhuutaashayasthitaH .
ahamaadishcha madhya.n cha bhuutaanaamanta eva cha .. 10\.20..

Which means:
I am the Self, O guDaakesha, dwelling in the heart of all beings; I am
the beginning, middle, and also the end of all beings.

_Please post a word by word translation._

While commenting on this verse, shankara remarks, "aham aatma pratyag
aatmaa nityam dheyayaH" -only for those who do not qualify for such a
method krishhNa gives the subsequent forms such as I am vishhNu among
aadityas etc. By saying I am the beginning etc, creation, sustenance,
and dissolution aspects of ishwara is indicated.

_I request the reader to discuss this verse in detail._

bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^ishii Selection

IMPORTANT NOTE: The English translation is from the pages sent by
Aravind Kumar. Wherever possible I will send the Sanskrit original,
please make sure they correspond.


sa.njaya uvaacha |

ta.n tathaa kR^ipayaavishhTamashrupuurNaakulekshaNam.h |
vishhiidantamida.n vaak{}yamuvaacha madhusuudanaH || 2 - 1 ||

Sanjaya said:
To him (arjuna) thus filled with compassion and in despair, his eyes
distresses and full of tears, spoke Madhusudhana these words.

shriibhagavaanuvaacha |

idaM shariiraM kaunteya kshetramityabhidhiiyate |
etadyo vetti taM praahuH kshetraGYa iti tadvidaH || 13-2 ||

This body, Oh son of kunti,is called the xetra (field); him who knows
it, the Sages call, the xetrajna (knower of the field).

To be continued.
Again I request you all to participate and share your views.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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