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Sorry for the late reply. However the verse numbers selected by Bhagavan Ramana are

2-1 , 13-1 , 13-2, 10-20,  2-27  2-20  2-24  2-17  2-16  13-32  15-6

8-21  15-5  16-23  13-27  11-54  17-3  4-39  10-10  10-11  5-16  3-42

3-43  4-37  4-19  5-26  6-25  6-26  5-28  6-29  9-22  7-17  7-19  2-15

2-71  12-15  14-25  3-17  3-18  4-22 18-61  18-62

in that order.


           Anand N.

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000 06:07:28    Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:
>I bow to bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^ishii (RM) who is the guiding light
>to many million seekers of Self scattered like jewels in this world.
>Sri Aravind Kumar of this list was kind enough to send the verses
>selected by ramaNa to me yesterday. English text does not give the
>verse numbers but only the translation in sequence. I am sure
>knowledgeable people in this list will be able identify the verses. I
>sincerely request you all to make this discussion fruitful. Please
>participate in this discussion and post your thoughts.
>I know nothing about giita. So your participation is very important.
>With love to all
>We saw the verse which according to bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^ishii
>gives the essential message of the giitaa. That is X:20
>ahamaatmaa guDaakesha sarvabhuutaashayasthitaH .
>ahamaadishcha madhya.n cha bhuutaanaamanta eva cha .. 10\.20..
>Which means:
>I am the Self, O guDaakesha, dwelling in the heart of all beings; I am
>the beginning, middle, and also the end of all beings.
>_Please post a word by word translation._
>While commenting on this verse, shankara remarks, "aham aatma pratyag
>aatmaa nityam dheyayaH" -only for those who do not qualify for such a
>method krishhNa gives the subsequent forms such as I am vishhNu among
>aadityas etc. By saying I am the beginning etc, creation, sustenance,
>and dissolution aspects of ishwara is indicated.
>_I request the reader to discuss this verse in detail._
>bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahaR^ishii Selection
>IMPORTANT NOTE: The English translation is from the pages sent by
>Aravind Kumar. Wherever possible I will send the Sanskrit original,
>please make sure they correspond.
>sa.njaya uvaacha |
>ta.n tathaa kR^ipayaavishhTamashrupuurNaakulekshaNam.h |
>vishhiidantamida.n vaak{}yamuvaacha madhusuudanaH || 2 - 1 ||
>Sanjaya said:
>To him (arjuna) thus filled with compassion and in despair, his eyes
>distresses and full of tears, spoke Madhusudhana these words.
>shriibhagavaanuvaacha |
>idaM shariiraM kaunteya kshetramityabhidhiiyate |
>etadyo vetti taM praahuH kshetraGYa iti tadvidaH || 13-2 ||
>This body, Oh son of kunti,is called the xetra (field); him who knows
>it, the Sages call, the xetrajna (knower of the field).
>To be continued.
>Again I request you all to participate and share your views.
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>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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