ramaNa's selection: post 1

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at COMCO.COM
Thu Feb 3 07:06:35 CST 2000

 I mentioned the second verse number of ramaNa as 13-2. It should be
13-1 as given in shankara bhAshya (translated by krishna
warrier). Some versions of giita has an extra verse in the beginning
of the 13th chapter, so the verses get shifted. For instance, the
version in Jaguar site has

 arjuna uvaacha .

prakR^itiM purushha.n chaiva kshetra.n kshetraGYameva cha .
etadveditumich{}chhaami GYaanaM GYeya.n cha keshava .. 13\.1..

 shriibhagavaanuvaacha .

idaM shariiraM kaunteya kshetramityabhidhiiyate .
etadyo vetti taM praahuH kshetraGYa iti tadvidaH .. 13\.2..

kshetraGYa.n chaapi maaM viddhi sarvakshetreshhu bhaarata .
kshetrakshetraGYayorGYaanaM yattajGYaanaM mataM mama .. 13\.3..


I will try to be follow the numbers (from now-onwards) in the shankara
bhAShyam. The tamil (word-by-word) translation I have by aNNa
(subrahmania aiyar) does mention about this extra verse, but does not
include it in the text, but gives it as foot note).

I thank shrI Anand Natarjan for posting all the verse numbers.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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