giita X:20

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at COMCO.COM
Sat Feb 5 12:43:02 CST 2000

anaittilum asaivinRi uLniRkum aatmaa naa^n
avaitham mudalum muDivum iDaiyum naa^nE

This rough translation of the verse in tamil. I did not include
the word guDaakeshaa (even though it has significance). I can
grasp something in Tamil much better than any other language.

When ramaNa says this is the essence on giitaa, is it wise to let
this go without understanding it? Realization of a truth at an
intellectual level is the first step. But to put it into practice
makes it part of us.  When God says I am the indweller of all
beings, we accept it. But does our behavior correspond to this
acceptance? At least it my case no.  What is to realize that God
is the indweller of all. It will reflect as samattvam. There is
saying that samattvam is the best way to worship achyuta (by
prahlada).  When gold is given to us in a paper packet, or a nice
box, or say even in cow dung, once we know what is inside is
gold, wont we accept it?  When the names  and forms we see have
God as indweller, should not the behavior be same?

I have seen a saint who lives by this truth. I have not seen in
this life anyone who is equal to Her. She is mAtA
amr^itAnandamayii. She receives everyone personally and does not
say to no anyone.  Whether clean or dirty, rich or poor, healthy
or sick (even a leper), old or young, man or woman, She receives
them all on her lap and showers immense love on them. She sees
the gold inside and not the wrappings.  I have seen her sitting
in a place without moving for 7-8 hours receiving thousands one
after another with the same love, same attention and same
freshness. In India it goes on sometimes for 15-20 hours. Once
when she received a leper, everyone around fainted and started
vomiting, but she gave him the attention which she would give to
any other child. Everytime she comes to Dallas we make a
pilgrimage to her presence.

It is not merely knowing that God says "ahaM aatma guDaakeshaa,
sarveshham aashaya sthitaH" but living by it makes a great

AUM shrImAtre namaH

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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