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Dear Ravi,
I agree wholeheartedly.  I, too, never miss the yearly darshan with this
saint.  She will be in Dallas area July 1-3 this year.  Her touring schedule
may be found at
Here is what she says:  "Sri Shankara was a Self-realized master.  He was
also a great scholar with a superb intellect.   Through his knowledge and
reasoning, he removed many misconceptions about spirituality, and brought to
light the right interpretations of the scriptures.  At the same time, he had
immense faith in what he taught.  It was not just because of his intellectual
ability to penetrate into the meaning of the scriptures that Shankara was so
widely admired and respected, but because he himself was an embodiment of
everything he preached. The realization, 'I am That', is possible only
through absolute trust.  Without that faith you cannot put the spiritual
principles into practice.   Intellectual certainty is one aspect of
spirituality, while faith is another.  Both are important.  However, the
state of Self-realization can be attained through faith alone, whereas
intellectual knowledge and reasoning, without faith, cannot take you to the
ultimate state. "
(from Awaken Children!   Vol.  IX)

Om Amriteswaryai Namah
Jaya Jaya Sankara, Hara Hara Sankara


In a message dated 2/5/00 1:45:16 PM EST, msr at COMCO.COM writes:

<< I have seen a saint who lives by this truth. I have not seen in
 this life anyone who is equal to Her. She is mAtA
 amr^itAnandamayii. She receives everyone personally and does not
 say to no anyone.  Whether clean or dirty, rich or poor, healthy
 or sick (even a leper), old or young, man or woman, She receives
 them all on her lap and showers immense love on them. She sees
 the gold inside and not the wrappings.  I have seen her sitting
 in a place without moving for 7-8 hours receiving thousands one
 after another with the same love, same attention and same
 freshness. In India it goes on sometimes for 15-20 hours. Once
 when she received a leper, everyone around fainted and started
 vomiting, but she gave him the attention which she would give to
 any other child. Everytime she comes to Dallas we make a
 pilgrimage to her presence.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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