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Hello :
--- ShrI Sankaran Jayanarayanan wrote:
> who lives
> in the aruNAchala mountain will get enlightenment (Rama
> said so in an old
> posting). This may be because a GYAni like RamaNa had
> lived there. But
> this is a fact -- that the place aruNAchala has special
> sanctity.
  Since my native place is ShrI AruNAchala ( more commonly
known as "ThiruvannAmalai" in Thamizh ), I feel compelled
respond to the above.  Most of the locals, despite being so
close to RamaNashram are blissfully unaware of his
greatness.  He is only known as a saint who is popular with
the "foriegners".  In fact, the Ashram attracts a lot of
foriegn tourists.

  Of course, the real sanctity lies in the beautiful temple
and the serene Ashram.  One does get a real feeling of his
"presence" in the Ashram and in the secluded hill trails
that he used to wander in.  Beyond that, the town is a
, dusty and altogether forbidding place.
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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