the dwandhwas or the opposites of life.

L V vidyaranya at VSNL.COM
Sat Feb 12 10:44:23 CST 2000

In all the stutis that we chant for god, whether it is a shatanama
ashtottara or a sahasranaama, we always attribute the best qualities to the
God and no ugliness is attributed to Him. Hence we tend to appreciate
only people who possess these good qualities and think them to be godly and
even look upon them as our ideal. And those less fortunate ones,
disadvantaged and disabled ones are looked down upon and nobody considers
the thought that the same god can be in them too. No body spares them a
thought. But are not the beauty and ugliness, good and the bad all
manifestation of the same God ? Perhaps these dwandhwas if included in His
sthutis may change people's attitude ?! I am sorry if you feel my thinking
is ourageous. I intend to hurt nobody's sentiments.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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