dwandhwas of life.

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Sun Feb 13 03:47:33 CST 2000

As an after thought, I myself felt that the dwandhwas as manifestation
of the same Brahman can only be seen or understood by one who is
spiritually advanced. But for a saadhaka who has just stepped into this
realm, only the cream of qualities when attributed to God can be
satisfying  and also help frame a positive outlook in his mind. Those
qualities will also form the ideal which he strives to achieve. And as
he progresses in the path and attain chitta shuddhi , then he no longer
gets perturbed by the dwandhwas of life and at that stage he becomes
mature enough to understand that afterall the dwandhwas are but the
manifestation of the same Reality and he can easily see God in all
opposites of life too.

Thanks for the information supplied by Sri Ramakrishnan about this point
appearing in the Rudraprashna. I was reminded of the couplet from
"Jaagrit Panchaka" by Sri Shankaraachaarya -

Kaamakrodhashchalobhashcha  dehe  tishtanti taskaraaha
Jnaanaratnaapahaaraaya  tasmaat jagrita jaagrita .

Hari Om
Latha Vidyaranya ( L V )

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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