the grand deduction.

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There are clearly three disciplines identified in the gItA -
 karma, bhakti, and GYAna. GYAna involves the practice of shravaNa,
 manana, and nididhyAsana. During shravaNa, one listens to the
 vedAnta-vAkyas from the Guru. It is during the second phase of
 manana that there is a need for "tarka" or logical inquiry to eliminate
 any doubts that arise and threaten to negate the purport of the

 MadhusUdana defines in his gItA bhAshhya what manana is:
  iti|" This means those who are absorbed in reflection or
  manana whose nature is the logical inquiry to eliminate doubts
  that could possibly negate the purport ascertained  by shravaNa.

  Yes, the arguments do seem to be "hair-splitting" but such
  "fine-grained" arguments are necessary in manana as a preparation
  for nididhyAsana when not even a single thought that impedes the
  continuous flow of thoughts can be entertained!

 Of course, bhakti is itself recognized by MadhusUdana as a discipline
 that is sufficient for one to cross the ocean of samsaric existence.
 There is no such requirement for "hair-splitting" in bhakti. It is
 only in the GYAna discipline that the intellect's thirst for logical
 explanations must be quenched.


On Sun, 13 Feb 2000 09:07:49 +0000, Latha Vidyaranya <vidyaranya at VSNL.COM>

>The recently posted mathematical deduction of the Mithyaawaada theory was
>an intellectual marvel. It was sheerly the height of intellectual grandeur
>that can be
>reached by some people by the grace of Ishwara. Congratulations to him and
>Him !
>It was a total knock out from which a novice like me is yet recovering !
>But one thing that is bothering my mind from the time I read that piece is
>how many
>sadhakas have been benefitted by that deduction in moving closer to the
>Tattwa of
>Ekameva advitiyaha ? or even get a vague glimpse of It from afar ? Infact,
>the little
>that I had thought I had understood about Mithyaawaada also got clouded !
>it was not meant for ordinary mortals like me. Was not that deduction a "
>testimony to the ultimate futility of Intellectual hair-splitting " ?- to
>borrow a quote.
>Hari Om,
>L V
>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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