tarka et. al.

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Fri Feb 18 16:35:33 CST 2000

No amount of logic can convince or disprove that sugar is
sweet. One has to experience it. I agree with shrI subhanu saxena
on practice.

I am not dismissing the role of reason in a spiritual path. The
reason or logic that is valuable is of the empirical type. We
observe the prior experience of others and whom we respect and
base our analysis on that. For instance, sugar is sweet, one is
encouraged to taste and test it. OTOH cocaine (or say posion) is
bad, one decides to avoid it based on empirical reasoning. Such
an approach is very useful in religion. We can safely ignore
Rajneesh based on the what our elders follow and our tradition.
And even if we are not following to the fullest extent, we do
know that smArta sampradAyam as taught by shankara mutts has
withstood the test of time. That gives us enough faith to
practice what they teach. Reasoning of this type may be of value.

Abstract logic may not be adequate for establishing mithyatva. If
so are the other schools of vedanta clueless?

Please do correct me.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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