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Sun Feb 20 05:48:38 CST 2000

Thanks to Sri  Ravi  for sending information regarding the different
transliteration guides available on the Net. I shall try to  learn them.

Regarding taking up discussions on Upadesha Saahasri, kindly excuse me. I am
not a competent person to do it. Nor do I possess proficiency in either
Sanskrit or English language to do it. I feel most comfortable  discussing
this matter in my mother tongue Kannada. I also repeat that  I have not read
any great works of any of the Aachaaryaas. It is just that certain shlokas
from certain works attract me so much that I just reflect upon its meaning
and take guidance from my Guruji to understand it better. And whenever
discussions arise I just look in to those shlokas and quote them singly. I
am too ignorant a person as far as the Aadhyaatmic literature is concerned.
And I personally do not believe in studying too many of them to understand
the Tattwa. Just contemplating on the meaning of some of the simple stotras
by Sri Shankara  like " ManO budhyahankAra chitAdi nAham, na shrotrurnajihwA
nachAgrANa nEtram ", " chetO bhringa bramasi vritA bhavamarubhOmou virasAyAm
", " mAtA nAsti  pitA nAsti nAsti bhandhuh sahOdaraha...............tasmAt
jAgrita  jAgrita " and other such beautiful stotras which contain the whole
Tattwa and trying  my best to adapt those simple but profound values in my
day to day activity is sufficient Saadhana for me, I feel.  However, I
welcome any knowledgable person to take up for discussion any of those great

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

Ravi Mayavaram wrote:

> This list has not taken up discussion on upadesha saahasri yet. I  would
> request you to take up a discussion on that subject. If you are willing,
> probably you can discuss one or two verses a week and all of us will
> benefit from your efforts.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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