advaita-siddhi 12 (Objection by opponent)

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Mon Feb 28 13:26:42 CST 2000

elmec wrote:

> Sri Anand wrote :
>> When
>>  he wakes up there are neither the dream objects nor the negation
>>  of those objects. But can the advaitin deny the fact that he had
>>  experienced a dream in the first place?
> I have a doubt here. When he wakes up - he wakes up to the reality of
> Ekamevaadvitiiyam, isn't it ? In that state of  Brahman , who is there
> to agree or disagree the fact that he had dreamt ? Is it not us the
> ajnaanis who are talking this from the perspective of our ajnaana ?
>> No. In that case, when
>>  he wakes from the world-dream, although there will be Brahman, he
>>  will also admit the experience of having "dreamed." This precisely
>>  compromises the nonduality principle because we now have two
>>  realities - Brahman and the fact that there was a "dream" which
>>  has come to an end.
> It is once again we who are talking, not the Jnaani. He is talking in
> our ajnaana.
> Regards,
> Latha Vidyaranya
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