advaita-siddhi 12 (Objection by opponent)

Aravind Krishna seeksha at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 28 15:35:13 CST 2000

>  I have heard this objection from some of my MAdhva friends. In reply,
>  we may say that the analogy of dream and waking states to the waking
>  state and Brahman (the fourth) cannot be carried too far. Every
>  analogy has certain limitations that we need to be aware of. We
>  remember the fact that we dreamed in the waking state because the
>  act of dreaming is an "event" in the time frame of the waking state.
>  That is why we admit the fact of having dreamed, although we do
>  not have to admit the reality of content of the dream.
>  But in the fourth or turIya state of Brahman, even Time vanishes. There
>  can be NO events. So there cannot even be an indication of the fact that
>  a "dream" occurred.

I have an earnest question, It may be stupid,
In turIya state even time vanishes and there is no sense of I. That is
brahmAnubhUti. Fine.
But while defining Ishwara he is defined as some one who exist in such a
state beyond time as well as one who takes care of the world bound by time
and space which is a cause of his own mAyA or swAvidyA.
‘mAyAvIti vijrumbhayati api mahA yogIva yasvechayA’
A jIvan does not become a sAkshi to say that he was in a state of dream as
he goes beyond that, but even in that state of a jIvan does not a Ishwara
exist who exist as a sAkshi to this mAyAmaya jagat as a satvaguNopAdi. That
leads to a conclusion of two realities, atleast until jagatvApAra is over
and all jIvans are liberated.


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