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Ravi wrote:

> The forms that probably depicts Him alone are  daxiNaamurti and
> naTaraja.
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> Ravi
> AUM shivashaktyaikaruupiNyai namaH

Hari Om,

I remember to have read in some periodical that even the body of
Dakshinaamurthy represents both the male and female aspects of this
creation. The only visible charecteristic which I notice in this form is
ear rings - the left part which is Shakthi wears a kundala while the
which represents Shiva wears a snake.

This month's Vedanta Vaani of Chinmaya mission has an article on
Ardhanaariishwara which is very interesting and informative. The point
struck me was that Shiva reps the knowledge while Shakthi reps the
Action is always preceeded by knowledge and if there is no knowledge,
would not be any action also. ( the jnaana shakthi and the kriyaa
shakthi, I
think ) .Lot of other beautiful analysis are made in this article.
Interested persons may go through it.

Latha vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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