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>Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

>> c) However, the ArdhanArI form is present only in the
>>    Shaivite tradition.  The shaivite tradition also
>>    emphasizes the unity of the devotee with Shiva.
>>    Is this a later development of Shaivism or was it
>>    "monistic" all along?
>Other traditions also, in ultimate analysis, the same concept, but
>expressed differently. For example Krishna is shown playing Rasa with
>Radha. Vishnu bears ShriVatsa Chinha on his breast, etc.
>As far unity with devotee is concerned, it seems Shaivites were always
>believing in that. Vaishnava (i.e.Bhakti) tradition seems to be
>following (right from the time of RiVeda) Dvaita approach.

 Is it being suggested that Shaivism is intrinsically or historically
 advaitic and that Vaishnava bhakti is similarly dvaitic? If so, then
 how can we explain the existence of advaitic forms of bhagavatism
 introduced by the saints of Maharashtra, beginning with Sant Jnaneshwar?
 And how can we explain the existence of both dvaitic and
 vishishhTa-advaitic (Veera-shaiva) schools of Shaivism in Southern India?


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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