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> Namaste
> I happened to see your question on the selected verses from the gItA
> by SrI
> ramaNa maharSi in the archives.  You can find all these slokas in
> "The
> Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi", edited by Arthur Osborne
> published by
> Samuel Weiser Inc, on page 101.
> The story given there was that bhagavAn maharshi was speaking with a
> visiting pandita about the gItA, when a devotee complained that it
> was hard
> to remember all 700 verses, and was there one verse which was the
> quintessence of gita. In response, bhagavan quotes X 20:
> ahameva guDAkeSa sarvabhutAshayasthhitah
> ahamAdishcha madhyam cha bhUtAnAm anta eva cha
> Oh guDAkeSa, I am the innermost self of every being
> I am the beginning, the middle, the end (ie the All) of all beings
> (As an aside It is interesting to note in Shankara's commentary that
> he
> introduces this verse, which comes after X 19 in which Krishna states
> He is
> about to ennumerate his divine manifestations, with the words
> tatra prathamam eva tAvat SRNu
> And so, listen now to the first.
> We can, however, also take first to mean foremost.  It is clear
> Shankara
> also recognises the depth of this Sloka)
> Anyway, back to the main story.  bhagavAn then selected 42 verses (I
> am not
> sure where you get the 70 from)and arranged them in an order that
> bhagavAn
> thought was appropriate. You will find the relevant slokas there.
> Regards
> Subhanu
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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