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Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

>  Is that why the sacred thread is
> also worn on the left shoulder passing the left side of
> ones
> chest?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Vivek.
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Hari Om,

As i have found out, there is no particular significance of wearing the
Yagnopavitha passing on the left shoulder and coming down to the right
side of the wearer. It is so injuncted in the Shastras.

This yagnopavitha or the sacred thread is worn in three different ways
during three different occasions.

While doing the Deva kaaryas one should wear it as it is done usually -
passing over the left shoulder and coming down to the right sde. Even
here the length of the thread should be such that it should not come any
lower than the navel level.

While doing the Rishi kaaryas like offering tarpanas to Rishis, during
the Upakarma day and also daily ( this is now a days not at all being
observed ), the sacred thread is to be worn round the neck like a
garland. During upakarma tila tarpana is given while during the nitya
karma udaka tarpana is offered to the Rishis.

While doing the Pitru kaaryas, the thread is to be worn passing on the
right shoulder and coming down to the left side of the wearer, as during
the performance of "Shraadhdha ", the annual offerings made to the

For some injunctions of the Shastra logical explanations are possible ,
but not for all.

Even the veshti or the Shalya is to be worn in the above fashion on
those three occasions. It is not right to wear it as wearing a shawl
round both the shoulders during the performance of poojas. And it is
also stated in the shastras that if the veshti slips down from the left
shoulder, the intended fruit of the karma is not procured ! During the
shraadhdha the veshti can be tied round the waist and not on any other

latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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