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Dear Shri Daveji,

I read your articles on Rg Veda.  They are very good.  It was nice to know
some of perspectives in which one should try to understand the mantras.
Your examples of "endless loop" and "the eagle has landed" are very apt.
Thank you for your postings.

Few things I did not understand:

>(i) this is an internal authority about some ideas; ...<snip>...
>I shall try to give only internal authority as far as interpretation

What exactly do you mean by internal authority ?

2.  In few places you have used the expression Vedas/Mantras "were written".
  I am presuming that you mean "were cognized".  This whole idea of
"written" business is a Western influence.  Since you are very keen on
steering clear from any Western intrepretation, I was just curious how you
used "written".

>Vedas are written in a coded language (post 1)
>written in poetical style (post 2)

3. In the 3rd example "they are flying planes" you concluded:

>We thus propose : "there may be seeming ambiguity when normal or
>traditional meanings are attached to referents (words), but under the >
>special conditions obtained in texts like RigVeda, all properly derived
>meanings are equivalent."

But from the second example of "endless loop", we can see that there can be
situations (interpretation of mantras) where the apparent meaning ie., one
of the "properly derived meanings" found in the text is not what is being
conveyed, but the real knowledge arises from elsewhere (within).  In such
cases there could be words that may not necessarily have a derived meaning
that is apt.  "Loop, enless" is no explanation of endless loop and vice
versa, but together as you said, they bring up a concept, not contained in
either of these.  Am I right ?

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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