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shrIdevI of the macrocosm has an exact prototype in the kunDalinI
of the microcosm. In the macrocosm, paramashiva is described in
shloka 1 as being powerless and actionless in the absence of
conjunction with the shrIdevI. Similarly, in the microcosm, the
jIva is very much a corpse without the operation of kunDalinI.
The vital force, the life which is inherent in every limb, muscle,
nerve centre which causes the entire frame to function is one
aspect of kunDalinI. By waking the kunDalinI and directing Her
from the mUlAdhAra cakra to the sahasrAra, the jIva (here we
define the jIva as without name and form) can realize its true
SELF. Waking up kunDalinI and getting Her to sahasrAra is the
bedrock of the yoga system. This shloka describes the route of
the kunDalinI from the mUlAdhAra to the sahasrAra.

kunDalinI shakti

shrIdevI gives power to the macrocosm. The functioning of the
jIva is because of kunDalinI, which is none other than shrIdevI
in the microcosm.

The equilibrium of the universe is maintained by a polarity of
positive and negative, male and female, the static and the
dynamic. Whatever exists in the universe, the macrocosm, also
exists in man, the microcosm. The masculine passive ground force,
shiva, resides in the sahasrAra, located in the crown of the head
[please see the description below of the "physical" location of
the various cakras]. Shakti, the feminine active power, lies coiled
at the base of the spine, in three and half coils. It is the
manifestation of the cosmic power in the body and is in a dormant,
potential state. It is not a material force but it is the pristine,
psychic and spiritual power that underlies all organic and inorganic
matter. Because of its spiral-like upward motion when awakened, it
is referred to as serpent power, and is described iconographically
as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine. The arousal of
kunDalinI leads to union with Lord shiva.

Although the resting location of kunDalinI is described as mUlAdhAra
cakra at the base of the spine, it would be an error to suppose
that kunDalinI and the cakras are simply gross structures of the
physical body. KunDalinI and her channel for movement are not to
be found in the physical body. Every portion of the physical body
has its counterpart in the astral body, and both bodies (the physical
and the astral) are interdependent on the material plane. It is to be
understood that, in the description of the location of the cakras in
the following paragraphs, the astral body is meant.. The seven
psychic centres, or cakras, and suShumna nADi, the passage through
which the kunDalinI rises, are in the astral body and correspond to
the nerve plexuses and the spinal cord. These cakras cannot be
"seen" without sAdhana.

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AUM shrImAtre namaH
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