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> tApatrayArkasantaptah kashchidudvignamAnasah |
> shamaAdisAdhanairyuktah sadguruM pariprchchhati || 3 ||
> [1]  Samsara is characterized by three kinds of misery:
> adhibhautika -- Caused by physical and mental ill health and by other
> living creatures.  A person may be interested in spiritual practice but
> may be bedridden due to illness and thus unable to participate.
> adhidaivika -- Caused by Gods and "fate" in general.  A person may may be
> making progress and suddenly get in a car accident or something.
> adhyatmika -- Caused by the peturbations of the soul itself.  A person may
> be virtuous in every way but while in a confused and non-discriminating
> state he will not be able to make any progress.

Hari Om,

I am quite confused with the meanings of the above three taapaa-s.
What my understanding is :

aadhyaatmika taapa : the taapas or the problems that occur with in oneself
( internally ) . They may be related to our physical health, mental health,
spiritual health, the strength of our indriiyaas, our intellectual strength,
our moral strength etc etc which are to some extent under our own control.

aadhibhoutika taapa :   The problems created by external sources - other
creatures ( bhootaas ), other persons who may have ill feelings towards us or
problems unintentionally created by others. For example : (1) you are about to
leave the house to attend some interesting discourse by a renowned swamiji.
Suddenly guests appear at your doorstep and you have to cancel your programme.

(2) You are interested in studying philosophy, but your spouse is totally
materialistic and dead against it !
(3) the taapa caused by the deer to king Bharatha (Jadabharatha)

aadhidaivika taapa   :  the problems created by the dieties responsible for
the Natural forces like wind, fire, rain etc etc. The naturally occuring
calamities like typhoon, earthquake, famine, floods etc etc which are
absolutely beyond our control. Fate is also one such taapa.

Is my understanding correct ? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Latha Vidyaranya

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