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On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, elmec wrote:

> I am quite confused with the meanings of the above three taapaa-s.
> What my understanding is :
> aadhyaatmika taapa : the taapas or the problems that occur with in oneself
> ( internally ) . They may be related to our physical health, mental health,
> spiritual health, the strength of our indriiyaas, our intellectual strength,
> our moral strength etc etc which are to some extent under our own control.

The wording could have been a lot clearer sorry.  by "peturbations of the
soul"  I meant atma + vasanas not atma itself which is beyond change.

> aadhibhoutika taapa :   The problems created by external sources - other
> creatures ( bhootaas ), other persons who may have ill feelings towards us or
> problems unintentionally created by others. For example : (1) you are about to
> leave the house to attend some interesting discourse by a renowned swamiji.
> Suddenly guests appear at your doorstep and you have to cancel your programme.
> (2) You are interested in studying philosophy, but your spouse is totally
> materialistic and dead against it !
> (3) the taapa caused by the deer to king Bharatha (Jadabharatha)
> aadhidaivika taapa   :  the problems created by the dieties responsible for
> the Natural forces like wind, fire, rain etc etc. The naturally occuring
> calamities like typhoon, earthquake, famine, floods etc etc which are
> absolutely beyond our control. Fate is also one such taapa.
> Is my understanding correct ? Please correct me if I am wrong.

What I wrote was my understanding of the terms, I welcome any

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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