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--- Charles Wikner <WIKNER at NAC.AC.ZA> wrote:

> those who would say "A rose is a rose is a rose", whereas a
> rose is in fact an upAdhi of the Lord; and this injunction is
> a means to remember that, so that one does not take the upAdhi
> to be real, covet it, and forget the Lord.

Thank you. What you have mentioned in the above line is a very powerful
thought which has to be remembered always. In a theistic sense, it is
more important to seek God than HER gifts. The translation you wrote
can be considered as a injunction even if written with "is" instead of
"is to be".

God pervades all, the moving and unmoving. [Remember this always and]
through renunciation protect yourself . Do not covet [hanker/desire for
things, be content with what God has provided you] [There is no point
in coveting as one cannot in the truest sense possess it] For whose is
wealth [benefits etc].

a) Remeber that God is pervades or indweller of everything.
b) Renounce the meaningless desires and be content with what God has
provided you.

I very much like the idea you wrote (which I have underlined). I still
do not like the "is to be", I prefer "is" instead. Since you are a
Sanskrit scholar and I am not. I will take your word.  Thanks for your
mail and I will go over it  few times again.


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