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On Fri, 21 Jul 2000, Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

> Hello all :
>     I have a doubt in the meaning of "jagatyAm jagat".
> I have hitherto understood it as "this and all the other
> worlds" i.e. the various "worlds" created by the Lord ( the
> number varies.  I have heard 3, 14 etc. ).
> 1.  What is the real meaning of "jagat"?

The root dhatu is gam -- to go.  The doubling of the dhatu signifies
repitition (Cf. man - to think.  mimamsa -- "thinking back and forth" or
debate, dialectic etc.)  So Jagata is that which is going back and forth
or constantly moving.

> 2.  What is the meaning in the above-mentioned context?
>     How is it that one jagat is "change" while the other is
>     the "world"?

jagatyam is an adverb "changing" and jagata is a noun.

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