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"H.B.Dave" wrote:

> T Swaminarayan wrote:
> > Srimad Bhagavatham comprises of Maha Bharata or only
> > the Bhagavad Gita?Please excuse me for my
> > ignorance.But, it is better to clear the doubt and  so
> > I request any of you to please clarify without getting
> > bugged.
> ShrimadBhagavatam is a separate text from MahaBharata. It contains 12
> skandhas, based on various avataaras of, out of which da"sama
> skandha.h (10th section) gives lila of The whole text is
> characterized by beutiful poetry and comparatively difficult language
> (as compared to, say, valmiki Some of the best known
> prayers are found in Bhagavatam.
> -- HImanshu

Hari Om,

I had, till recently, the same doubt as expressed by Sri Swaminarayan. I
had always thought that Bhagavatha was the other name of  "Bhaarata" or
Mahabhaarata ! Infact I have heard many people asking the same question.
Why is it so ? Why is Bhagavatham not as popular as Raamaayana or
Mahabhaarata ?? What can be the reason ?

Here I would lke to add to the information supplied by Sri Himamshu that
Bhagavata contains about 18,000 shlokas, composed by Sri Vyaasa and
narrated by his son Shuka muni to King Parikshit.

I shall very soon send the first Posting in this regard. But let me warn
you all that my rendering is mostly based on what I have heard from the
audio cassette of Sri Syaam Sunder Paraashaar and a little bit of the
original text, which I have just started reading. I will only be
presenting the episodes which have very much impressed me and there may be
many blanks in the continuity of its narration. As I present the
narration, I would very much appreciate the List members' corrections,
comments and further contributions towrds the authenticity of the
narration. In this regard, may I request Sri Jaladhar Vyaas , who recently
mentioned that he was starting re-reading of the Puraana, to come to my
rescue whenever I falter ?

Latha Vidyaranya


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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