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"H.B.Dave" wrote:

> > > When I read ShrimadBhagvatam, there was always a
> > > distinct feeling that Vyasaji is
> > > pointing to Advaita only. The opening three shlokas
> > > also points to this (IMHO). I
> > > request that if this aspect can be brought out in
> > > Shrimati Latha's rendering, it
> > > will be really a treat. Just a suggestion.
> > > -- Himanshu

Hari Om,

Here I would like to reproduce a passage that I have read in an
introduction to Bhagavata.

" The impression that a non-sectarian reader would have of the outlook of
the Bhagavata on metaphysics is that it is not exclusively committed to
any single system found in Indian philosophy. The Dvaita, Advaita,
Vishishtaadvaita, etc., all find a place in the Text in different
contexts. The text does not show any antipathy towards any of them and
feels no contradiction in giving a place to all of them. Its effort is
towards the synthesis of all ".

However, Shri Dave, my interpretation will be based on Advaita only.

I have now found so many books on Bhagavatam that I would like to go
through important points in all of them and present it here in my own
words. I shall proceed slowly. Please bear with me.

Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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