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Sat Jul 22 11:45:01 CDT 2000

For those interested in the bhakti aspect of the bhAgavata,
there is a work called bhakti-ratnAvalI by one ViShNu purI, which
is a collection of many verses from the bhAgavata that speak about
the nine kinds of bhakti. For those who are unable to swim in
(comprehend) the ocean of 18,000 verses of the purANa, this
bhaktiratnAvalI, with its commentary kAntimAlA by ViShNU purI,
is a life-saver.

An even more compact life-saver is MadhusUdana sarasvatI's commentary
on the first shloka of the bhAgavata called "paramahaMsapriyA", a true
delight to read.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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