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>Sending money takes effort too doesn't it?  I guess it depends on the
>state of mind of the person sending it.  If they do it out of a sense of
>duty and sacrifice than it can do good.  If they think "By selfless
>service to the Lord, I can calm my agitated mind" then it is also good.
>But If they think "Somebody is taking care of things so I don't have to
>care anymore" then it is not going to help them at all.

I am writing as I thinking.

What might be wrong is that if they sponsored a prArthanA and assumed by
which they have "bought" relief, they might be wrong.

Instead if by giving, they experience some happiness of giving, it might
probably give them a hint that there is greater happiness in giving/letting
go as opposed to craving, holding, getting.  So that might alter the
person's state of mind w.r.t what he is suffering from / craving for and
once he is mature he hopefully over a period of time attains the state of
"AgamaApayino anithyAm thAm thithikSasva bharata".

In either case "kartur agnyayA prApyathe phalam".  Nothing much can be done
"really" to alter the results of action.  We can only make sure that it does
not affect us.

"All the activities that the body has to undergo is pre-determined at the
time of birth by one's own prArabda karma.  One does not have the freedom to
accept or reject it.  The only freedom one has is to turn the mind inwards
and renounce the activities there" - Ramana Maharshi.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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