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"S. V. Subrahmanian" wrote:

What is the view of the net-members about this cyber-prArthanA ? Can any
good come out of sending some money to some pundit in some remote temple and
hoping that salvation will drop on our lap ? Is not personal effort more
important ?

Without any attempts at "chitta shuddhi" can Shiva pooja be of any use ???
Even though Shiva pooja can cause circumstances for "chitta shuddhi", does
it not take personal effort to remove the dross of vasanAs, as opposed to
sending money to some temple for pooja.

I guess, by doing so, we are just pacifying our own agitated minds that we
have done something good in the direction of amelioration of the problems.

What is the view of great Masters of Advaita in this regard ???

My comments:

The masters of Advaita surely do not recommend any idol worship at all.Any pooja means two entities,one performing the pooja and the other that is being worshipped by that puja!  Is that not verily DWAITAM ?

This apart,

Sending monies to a remote temple for doing a puja does not, in my opinion, serve any purpose to the devotee except that a priest earns his dakshina which is a part of his means of sustenance. In a humaniterian way you are helping a needy purohit to cover up a portion of his' that day's expenses'.

This apart,

Viewing from a very materialistic point of view, a very earnest  devotee who has all his faith in the God in that remote temple,will,by sending in his request for doing a puja on his behalf there,have a mental satisfaction of having entreated the God of his faith to give him whatever he is praying for, by doing that puja there, and, it should not surprise anybody if his wishes are granted. God is well known to grant the wishes of all His faithful devotees without fail.

Warm regards


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