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I am Finnish woman. My name is Taina Kilpiäinen. I live in Kemi in North
Finland in Europe. I tell you shortly how I interested in Advaita and
Hindu-religions. I have searched excatly all of my life "something2 deep in
my life. What is meaning of life and      . Why am I here?. What is being,
existence? I have considered what is universe? And so on. About half and
year ago I coincidentally found Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshis's  book
Teachings of Ramana Maharshi I read first Paul Bruntons book Searhing of
Secret India. Brunton told his visiting in Ramanas ashram and his
discussions with Ramana did deep influence to my Heart. And after that I
started to look Ramanas books. When I read this book Teachings of Ramana
Maharshi, something very deep happened me. I have ever earlier in my life
heart anything about SELF, Self-realization. In my country hindu-religion,
concept Self are unknown, there is no books, teachers, yoga-books, I don't
know anybody here with I could discuss about advaita, Self.etc. Therefore I
am very happy when I found this site.
But when I read about Self, when I read when Ramana answered questions of
his disciples and aspirants; I felt He answered me, I was who quest and He
answered me. I felt presence of God, through His words. His teachings, The
SELF, Self-realization, I felt them so near to me. I felt there is something
beautiful, happy, peacul, something fine,somehow I felt I know this
"existence of something good", I found I have knwn it always, but now I
understood it, but I found I know it but I can not "touch" it!! How can I
explain this my felings, I hope you understand! somehow I realized This is
just what I have searched all of my life, already as child. I felt After
that I have been deep longing,        to realize my real nature. I have
looked books of Hindu religion, upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, , vedas, ancient
Yoga-teachings. I am interedted in tradition of ancient rishies. I don't
know have there been after that Ramana Maharshi left His body great rishies
in this world anymore. I hope tradition of rishies, great teachings of Sages
will preserve eternally. I am worried about this things, this world in
present days! I am afraid if Great Knowledge of great Sages will lost!!I
have read upanishads and Katha upanishads touch me very deeply. Always when
I feel bad feelings, sadness, I read Katha Upanishads and it help me. I love
Gita teachings deeply too. I wanted to get teaching and quide in this my
path. I wanted to find people, teachers which would answer my questions.
Because I am Finnish , I have no much knowledge in Hindu culture, hindu
religion and therefore my questions may sounds ignorance,  naives etc. But I
hope you understand it. I want to teach. I wanted to discuss Ramanas
teachings, meditation methods, feelings of my aspiration, I wanted to
discuss about the SELF, about GURu's etc. Advaita feels just near to me, I
have always been feeling before I heart anything of Advaita, Hindureligions,
Ramanas teachings that everything is same God, All is God.
This letter was rather long but now you know what kind I am.



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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