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"Jaldhar H. Vyas" wrote:

I am Finnish woman. My name is Taina Kilpiļæ½inen. I live in Kemi in North
Finland in Europe. .
But when I read about Self, when I read when Ramana answered questions of
his disciples and aspirants; I felt He answered me, I was who quest and He
answered me. I felt presence of God, through His words. His teachings, The
SELF, Self-realization, I felt them so near to me. I felt there is something
beautiful, happy, peacul, something fine,somehow I felt I know this
"existence of something good", I found I have knwn it always, but now I
understood it, but I found I know it but I can not "touch" it!! How can I
explain this my felings, I hope you understand! somehow I realized This is
just what I have searched all of my life, already as child.

Dear Taina,

All the great Teachers and Acharyas said and realised the very same thing that Ramana said to his deciples! Why go any further? Do not confuse yourself by reading yet more texts and yet more explanations  about your SELF.You have already once felt HIS presence in You.

 The three most important steps in the upliftment of this egoistic' self ' to the non-personal 'SELF' are 'Shravana', 'Manana' and 'Nidhidyasana' meaning:'Listening','thinking' and 'PRACTICING'.You have already listened to your Guru, Ramana's teachings. You have thought about all that he has preached to you.Now you have to practice and practice the feeling of 'HIS' presence in 'YOU'

Hari Om!

Warm regards,


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