Regarding Paundraka

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To Shri Bhaskar Y. R.:

Looks like you are out to prove the ISKCON perception of reality.  You are
welcome.  Advaita has stood the test of centuries.  Your questions are only
helping to clarify our own understanding of Advaita and make our convictions
firmer.  Thank you very much for your contributions.  In the form of answers
to your questions Shri Daveji has helped us understand a few more things.
Good, we are happy.

Also, I recommend reading the book "Gospel of Ramakrishna".  He was one
saint who I can say with conviction had realized God through all the
different means (schools of philosophy).  You may see in that book, how he
was able to reconcile the different schools of thought without any
contradictions to each other.  He is the perfect example of a complete
synthesis of all schools of thought.  Just a recommendation, no

Also, I paraphrase here what Sri Shankaracharya of Kanchi says in the
introduction to his book the "Hindu Dharma".  He says that different schools
of philosophy postulate different form of final emancipation.  We in our
current state of intelligence may not be able to find which is the highest.
But for us who are still in the samsara and are trying to escape, suffice it
to know that all of the final states(described variously) promise one thing
in common : freedom from the dualities of life and undiluted happiness.
That should be enough motivation for us to proceed along the path of our
faiths whatever they may be.  When we get closer to the end we can sort it
out.  But for now let us get going.

Hope the above thought helps.

Hari (who is also Shiva, Christ, Allah) bol !!!

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> > Some Vaishnava Acharyas say that Paundraka represent the Mayavadi
> > who say Aham brahmaasmi without really understanding meaning of that
> > Mahavakya. Some say that he represents the false Vaishnava gurus who
>pose to
> > their devotees as Krishna incarnate.
> >
> > >  Dear Himanshu Prabhuji, YES, indeed you have correctly identified my
> > behind sending this question.  This is what exactly we have been taught
>by our
> > ISKCON masters ( as U mentioned above).  I sincerely thank U for the
>efforts you
> > have putin to clarify my doubts.
> >
> > Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> >
> > -- Himanshu
> > > bhaskar
>My dear friend,
>I have been reading your postings to this list for quite some time and
>noticed a
>hint of confrontational attitude, though you are very polite. I am sure you
>are a
>seeker of the Ultimate Truth. As a friend, can I suggest a slightly relaxed
>attitude? Of course all your doubts are welcome, provided they are meant to
>some point about Advaita  which is bothering you.
>And, have you understood the  *whole* of my last posting, especially the
>interpretation of Sudarshana Chakra? My best wishes to you.
>Hari Hari Hari Bol !!!   (Why not, I am Hari.)
>-- Himanshu
>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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