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S. V. Subrahmanian wrote:

> To Shri Bhaskar Y. R.:
> Looks like you are out to prove the ISKCON perception of reality.  You are
> welcome.  Advaita has stood the test of centuries.  Your questions are only
> helping to clarify our own understanding of Advaita and make our convictions
> firmer.  Thank you very much for your contributions.  In the form of answers
> to your questions Shri Daveji has helped us understand a few more things.
> Good, we are happy.
> Also, I recommend reading the book "Gospel of Ramakrishna".  He was one
> saint who I can say with conviction had realized God through all the
> different means (schools of philosophy).  You may see in that book, how he
> was able to reconcile the different schools of thought without any
> contradictions to each other.  He is the perfect example of a complete
> synthesis of all schools of thought.  Just a recommendation, no
> proselytisation.
> Also, I paraphrase here what Sri Shankaracharya of Kanchi says in the
> introduction to his book the "Hindu Dharma".  He says that different schools
> of philosophy postulate different form of final emancipation.  We in our
> current state of intelligence may not be able to find which is the highest.
> But for us who are still in the samsara and are trying to escape, suffice it
> to know that all of the final states(described variously) promise one thing
> in common : freedom from the dualities of life and undiluted happiness.
> That should be enough motivation for us to proceed along the path of our
> faiths whatever they may be.  When we get closer to the end we can sort it
> out.  But for now let us get going.
> Hope the above thought helps.
> Hari (who is also Shiva, Christ, Allah) bol !!!

Very well stated. I fully agree to what you have said.
-- Himanshu

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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