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Thanks for your list. I hope these questions could be answered:

What is the biggest problem between Advaitas and Vaishnavas? Prabhupada
likes to attack Advaitas very strongly, like with emotional force.
Vaishnavas are doing a lot in a real world through Krishna movement for
leading people to godhood. Are Advaitas going to show there is another way
to interpret Vedas? How Advaitas comments Caitanaya and the foretellings
of him in veda literature? When guru-parampara was written up and when
Vyasa was living? Is it possible to get somewhere the sankara-lineages
Bhagavad Gita translation? In which time the oldest BG has found, how old
is the puplicly seen BG? How Advaitas translates BG 10:6?

I have studied many ways (practically and holy scriptures) different
religions and trying to find something real in them and asked what is the
truth behind them. Something real is that human mind (lower manas/ego)
seems to be the destroyer of reality. Destroy the destroyer is serious tip
for seekers, but then how the individual soul can serve (bhakti) the
Supreme Soul of Universe? If we somehow reach our goal (highest knowledge
and peace, meaning not knowing only our lineage of religion and
philosophy, but like Sankara, knowing every initiation of every system)
why should we go alone to "nirvana"? Rather should we keep every human in
our mind and like boddhisatva, only when every greature has reached its
goal, he will be happy and lift his legs to the side of rest. Isn't that
the true meaning of Bhakti? Not just Me but We, not just God but the
childrens of God.

regards Marko

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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