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Namaste to all list users. My name is Marko Manninen and i'm living in
north Finland. Path in my live has begun with interest to orient religions
and philosophies throught martial arts about 10 years ago. Since that
period most influenced religious and trainers writers has been: Paul
Brunton (also Maharshi), Krishnamurti, Alan W. Watts in earlier time and
second period H.P. Blavatsky, Pekka Ervast (Finnish mystic) and finally
Prabhupadas works and 1800 c lived Advaita: T. Subba Row. So this is the
road to this list. Just now i'm searching contrast to dvaita and specially
to vaishnava tradition, 'cause i think it's good to know a little bit of
everything before choosing seriously working with some. Until today i've
founded very deep message and aspects from Christianity and Buddhism too
but i'd like to go deeper to sarasvati and indus river ground. That's the
gradle of religions in anyway. Althougt i think maybe Himalajan keeps the
deepest nucleus of wisdom traditions, 'cause finding serious workers is
almost impossible in this world. It seems really great mahatmas has
disappeared from public. I don't know, but it seem's be so and maybe it
have been so thoussands of years. Of course there are serious workers in
every religion but what i've been searhing is not Truth of one religion
and one nation and race but Truth behind everything, Reality, not only
believes and empty shells of scriptures.

Reading and thinking is not the only way i'm working but meditating, some
very interresting job i have founded on it. There's clean state of mind
that in the begining was very hard to reach even in quiet place but years
of practice it could be bring to real life too. And that's the purpose of
mine. Not deep samadhis in meditation but that Devine Upper Egos live in
everydays life. One training is that i try to "meditate" (keep mind clear
of thoughts and assosiations of manas) in walking in forrest. That can
sound too overloaded aso. but that's the sound of silence i hear in my
heart. We all have opportunity to train spiritual life in every moment, on
east and west, indoor and outdoor, but it's also hard if we don't have
connection to that spirituallity. That's why there are many traditions and
schools. Get to connected higher life and bring it to the world as pure as

Now you know little of backround and the base where i strive forward. I
hope we have a lots of spirit to share in this list.

Warm Regards: Marko

*Satyan Nasti Paroo Dharmah*
*Tat Twam Asi*

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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