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 This post is essentially in response to what Taina had posted on 12 Jun 2000: It may also be responded to by all members who can ,if thought fit, further elaborate upon the same.

Dear Taina,

Let us discuss for a while the self enquiry done by you when you got the result to your enquiry as:

I am ' I ' who dont know who am I.

Have you noted that in your above result there are three ' I ' s? And did you not think or continue to think that all the three ' I ' s are the same, referring to "Taina" with her name,body, hands, feet and mind in tact as a single person ' I ' ? Actually, the personal ' I '  with Ego and the Impersonal ' I ' bereft of Ego (The real ' I ' - The real SELF ) are mixed up in your statement above and are creating a confusion in your mind.

 Let us designate the personal self as small ' i ' and the impersonal or Universal Self as capital ' I ' . Then the result to your enquiry will read thus:

' i ' am ' i ' who dont know who am ' I '.

The exercise is to continue your self enquiry within yourself  until you are able to discriminate between these two 'I's and come to a conclusion by experiencing ( According to our great Rishis and Acharyas) that the personal     ' i ' is none other than a reflection of the Impersonal ' I ' .

All ' i ' have to do is to shed my ego and without getting into the sleep stage or dream stage where ' i ' see sleep pictures i should try to be AWARE of myself as the Impersonal " REAL SELF "which is indeed:


Hari Om !


IndraDeva Ishaya wrote:

The Study of The Self (Svadhayah) VS the study of The Study of The Self is
a common problem we face today in our search for Liberation (from the Ego,
from Maya, from pain and suffering, all one and the same, in my
experience..) and I am happy to see that in the midst of much mental study,
some still have a firm hold on their passion for Liberation and
Enlightenment that first put their feet on the Path of Return, and hunger
for the Innocence of living in the Present Moment.

IndraDeva Ishaya

PS: I am interested in what methods of inner contemplation that these board
members practice, and in specific, the the methods that the different
schools of Vedanta endorse and teach. Thank you.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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