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Fri Jun 16 03:25:38 CDT 2000

Dear Jaldhar,

<My worries about knowledge of the Self

My eyes have opened to see this fact in nowadays world. And also situation
in nowadays India.  The days when religion and spirituality was backbone of
Hindus are gone.

Therefore "i" (Taina=EGO) is worry about the SELF !

It is true that seen angle of The Self nothing can not be lost.
But seen angle of non-realized people Self is not conscious itSelf in these
bodies. I use another analogy and dry image this by comparing:
The Sun shines to this planet and all creatures can feel it. But if there
had no life in this planet nobody could not to  know shining of the Sun.
Nobody would not witness to existence of the Sun. The Sun is shining to this
planet whatever it empty or full of life! If knowledge about the Self would
be lost, if there would no realised Sages (like Ramana, other realised
Gurus) anymore then it would be in this way: The Self is all-pervading,
inside and outside, everywhere. But nobody would be conscious about this
Self in deep their Heart, that they are the Self. Like example Ramana was
conscious His real nature in His body.
Comparing: When I am dreaming I don't know in my dreams that I have created
my own dream-world. This creator of dream-world have indentified her own
creatures. "i" mean: If there would no realised people in this world they
would no conscious their real nature, Self would not conscious itself  in
these people.
I hope you understand what i dry to say.

I wanted to know methods how to quieten mind. What is dhyana, vichara etc?


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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