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Fri Jun 16 01:39:38 CDT 2000

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, S. V. Subrahmanian wrote:

> Have you ever tried stilling your mind ???  As an answer to this, please
> don't quote any scripture, for it is second hand compared to direct
> experience.

Why?  Is it not the recorded experiences of the previous generations?  Can
experience grow stale after a while?  Can it communicated at all?

> I feel without the intensity and sincerity one cannot achieve
> it.

If intensely and sincerely flap my arms rapidly I still will not be able
to fly.  There is a third ingredient--viveka.  The ability to discriminate
between real and unreal, good and evil etc.  (or in the case of flying
feasability and futility. :-)  This requires knowledge and enquiry.

> Agreed.  But all I am saying is that "clever planning" should be implemented
> with sincerity and arduous effort.  Because the "clever planning" would
> obviously have some slack period in it, in which all the good work done, may
> get undone.  So as long as the effort part of the plan is more predominant
> than the slack part of it, it is fine, otherwise, I can't imagine where it
> will lead.

The only amendment I'll make to your words is "...sincerity and arduous
_directed_ effort"

> Also you mentioned something like "Where is the hurry?".  For whom ??? For
> one in whom the Love of the Lord has started surging, more of it alone can
> satiate it.  "Clever planning" is not for him.  In "clever planning" one
> enjoys bhoga on oneside and slowly 'tries' to progress on the other side.
> It is not for Mirabai or Ramakrishna or Ramana or Tukaram.
> Ofcourse we should not blindly imitate their ways, without being in their
> state of consciousness.

There's the rub.  The benefit of Guru and shastras is they give the
objective yardstick to guide and measure our efforts

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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