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This question that I am posing may not exactly relate to understanding of
Advaita, but certainly falls within the purview of Vedas.  If knowledgeable
members deem it fit to be replied, please do.  This question haunts me a

Is there any value/purpose behind the performance of Shraardham (ceremonies
performed for departed ancestors) ?  If we read sacred texts (I have read
only English translations), they say that everything  is the projection of
the self....  the world is nothing but the projection of your own mind ....
there is only one God (or only God)...  I am just quoting simple and
convenient phrases which everyone must have read (I know I am not being
specific here, but I hope you get my point).

How does the theory of Advaita answer this ?  I know in one of the earlier
threads we discussed about idol worship.  But I know that in South India the
performance of these rituals extract a lot of effort.  Does it have a sound
philosophy behind it or is it the accretions of dead habits over a period of
time ?

Is there any other alternative way of showing our gratitude to our ancestors
sanctioned by the Vedas ?

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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