significance of anadhyayana

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vedo nityam adhIyatAM should not be taken as an injunction to recite the
Vedas every minute of every day. It only means that the student should not
neglect the study of the Vedas, and that he must approach it with reverence
and faith.

Other than general days marked on the pancAnga as anadhyayana, there are
situation-specific rules for suspension of Vedic study. These can be found
in the various dharmasUtras. Apastamba dharmasUtra, for example, followed
by most Krishna Yajurvedins in south India, has three entire sections in
its first chapter giving these rules. On top of all this, there is the
custom of ;si.s.tAcAra - those who study and recite the Vedas in the
traditional way should look at the examples set by the teachers. Of course,
this puts an onus on the teachers, that their behavior should be exemplary.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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