shrii miinaaxii stotra maalaa

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A month or so back, I found a treasure in the University of Texas
library called shrii miinaaxii stotra maalaa. This book is a
collection of six works on shrii miinaaxii all from the
shR^ingerii tradition.  Two are by bhagavan shrii shankara
(miinaaxii pancharatnam and miinaaxii stotram). I posted the
pancharatnam with brief translation here and I am planning to do
for the other one as well. Third one is miinaxii navaratnamaala,
author of this work which has 9 verses and a phala shruti is not
known. Editor of the book R.Krishnaswamy aiyar guesses that must
be from one of aacharya-s or sannyaasi-s from the shringeri
maTha. I have posted the original and translation of this to
ambaa-L. After correcting this document I can post here as well.

The other three works are share the same title. They are called
miinaaxii stuti. One is by shrii sachchidananda bharati swamigaL
(17th century) and other two are by chandrasekhara bhaarati
swamigaL. The book I found not only gives the text but also a
detailed tamil translation. One sad thing is only 30 verses of
the work composed by shrii sachchidananda bharati swamigaL is
available and rest of the total 120 are lost to time.

This book mentions that there is another work by shrii
sachchidananda bharati swamigaL called minaaxii shatakam. Does
anyone on this list have access to this work? If so please let me
know.  Over a period of time I am planning to get all this work
into electronic format so that it accessible to everyone.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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