umaamaheshvarastotram.h -verse 5

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namaH shivaabhyaaM paramaushhadhaabhyaam.h
 pa~nchaaksharii pa~njarara~njitaabhyaam.h  |
prapa~nchasR^ishhTisthiti sa.nhR^itaabhyaaM
 namo namaH sha~Nkarapaarvatiibhyaam.h  || 5 ||

Prostrations to the divine couple shrii shivaa and Lord shiva, who are
the supreme medicine to those who are afflicted by the disease of
saMsaara, who rejoice listening to panchaxarii and parrot* (trishatii
calles ambaaL as hriiMkaarapanjarasukhii), and who create, maintain and
destroy this Universe. I bow again and again to to paarvati-devii and
Lord shiva.

*parrot denotes veda-s. For instance shrii miinaaxii is seen holding a
 parrot beacuse of that she is called shukapriya in HER ashhTottaram and

 shukadharaaM in the navaratnamaala.  It is said that the parrot
 chants veda-s and sings HER glories. Or we can take it as chanting
 the hriiM biijaakshaara which is very special for ambaaL in the lines
 the trishatii naama.

Corrections and additions are welcome.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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