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On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Vishal Agarwal wrote:

> Jaldhar had listed a few criteria by which we can decide if an Upanishad is
> ancient or not. I had used similar criteria in the past and arrived at the
> following list. Note that the list includes some (not ALL because I will
> complete the list later) Samhita Upanishads also. Any corrections are
> welcome.

Thanks for the list.  Are you including the suktas because tradition
counts them as Upanishads or because they contain Vedantic material?

> 4. Shivasamkalpa Brahamana (also in RV Ashwalayana Shakha and RV Mandukeya
> Shakha)

What is this Shivasamkalpa Brahmana?  In the Vajasaneyi Samhita
(34. 1-6) there is a Shivasamkalpa Sukta which Uvatacharya (Shayanacharya
didn't comment on the VS.) considers an Upanishad.  Is it related?

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