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Are you including the suktas because tradition
counts them as Upanishads or because they contain Vedantic material?

VA:Both the reasons. In the Persian translation of 60 Upanishads by Dara
Shikoh (availaible in English translation), the suktas like Tadeva,
Shivasamkalpa.. are included as Upanisads. I added some on my own eg.
Skambha sukta. The Brahmasukta is mentioned as the 'Samhita Upanishad of
Atharvaveda' by Shri Ramanuja under BS 1.1.4 He quotes AV (Paippalada)
8.9.10 in full in that context

Jaldhar: What is this Shivasamkalpa Brahmana?  In the Vajasaneyi Samhita
(34. 1-6) there is a Shivasamkalpa Sukta which Uvatacharya (Shayanacharya
didn't comment on the VS.) considers an Upanishad.  Is it related?

VA: Yes. The Shivasankalpa Brahmana is an Anu-Brahmana of the Kathaka Shakha
that was recited by the Richakas of Kashmir, It is included in the
collection 'Kathaka Sankalana' by Suryakanta (1944, Lahore). The
anu-brahmana also occurs as a khila of 15 verses (that include 6 of the
Vajasneyi Samhita) to the Sakalya Samhita and is an integral part of the
Ashwalayana Shakha of RV (manuscripts at Jodhpur, Hoshiarpur etc.) and
Mandukeya Shakha (inferred from references of Shaunakiya Rigvidhana and
Brihaddevata) in the 5th Mandala. In addition to these 15 mantras, there are
an additional 15-20 verses in laukika sanskrit which are unaccented. A
translation of entire RV Khila is in the work

The Khila Suktas of the Rigveda by Usha Bhise (BORI; 1995); 237 pp

The text is also available on-line at

At this URL, click at the link for the Khilas and scroll down till you find
the relevant mantras.



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