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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Mon May 1 15:54:28 CDT 2000

Namaste jaldhar ,
           Thank for your response.Here is my breif introduction.
I Hope it is sufficient and as required else please let me know
                 My name is Sandesh Anvekar.I am aresident of Goa
 and am an computer engineering graduate.My age is 21.
                 Through my childhood I had liking towards
 like philosophy of religion.But my first introduction to the religious
was  through the books of Swami Vivekanda who has been always a hero for me.
He has changed my attitude towards religion which for me was mere bundle of
Throgh him I have made BHGVAN SHRI RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANSA the role
model of my life owing to his sharp intellect like edge of razor and added
to that the infinitely big heart.
Though my knowledge about the philosophies of different religious schools is
very basic
still from whatever I have learnt  I had always liked The teachings of
Advaita Vedanta.
This is because it teaches us to believe in ourselves as GOD and so we
possess all
the strength and so we do not have to bend infront of any 'Saguna Ishwara'
for his blessings
Also from the point of reason I  feel that only Advaita can give explanation
to all questions
in the sceintific way.
              I personally do have liking for madhura bhava of bhakti
tradition.I personally
feel that it is indeed sweet to attain the heights of advaita vedanta
through this form of bhakti.
               I would like to add to my knowlege more about advaita and
bhakti through this list



bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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