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Dear brothers and sisters in this list,
I have been a passive member of this group for a couple of days, have been
receiving the mails regularly and is going through them. What I find in
most of the mails is that they show our ignorance about what Advaith
Philosophy is all about.

Dear friends,

Shri Gaudapada  in his Karika on Mandukya Upanishad has said,

'Ashramastrividhaha heena madhyama utkrishta drishtayah,

Upasanopadishteyam tadartham anukampaya.'

Among the spiritual aspirants there are three levels  of intellectual understanding viz,lower, middle and higher.Depending upon the aspirants level for each one's progress the Lord has ,out of compassion, devised different types of Upasanas to suit them.

Gaudapada continues to say,

'Yam bhavam darshayet yasya tam bhavam sa tu pashyati

Tam chavati sa bhutva sau tat gruhaha samupaitititam.'

Whichever Form that is presented to an aspirant (by his guru) that form, the aspirant verily sees.

Holding on to this understranding the aspirant achieves his goal.

the Advaitin has no conflict with the aspirant who does Japa and in fact will encourage it because he recognises that the aspirant is in His Vyavaharika State and has to one day sooner or later realise the Paramarthika Satyam that the Self in thisAspirant and the Self in Lord Krishna is verily THE SAME !

Let us all,therefore Chant the name of Hari for our emancipation inthis Kali Yuga

With warm regards and respects,


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