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On Tue, 9 May 2000, Bhaskar Y.R. wrote:


> " Harer nama Harer nama Harer namaiva kevalam, kalau nasty eva nasty
> eva nasty eva gatir anyatha" Meaning : In this age of kali there is no
> alternative, there is no alternative, THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE for
> spiritual progress than the holy name, the holy name of the Lord"  It
> is clearly said that:"  The ultimate source of acquiring Absolute
> Knowledge, is not by mental speculation, or performance of sacrifices,
> or by fruitive activities. In the age of Kali, the process recommended
> is sankirtana.

All statements in the shastras have to be balanced with each other.  In
the Mahabharata 1000 names of Vishnu Bhagawan are given.  In practice also
Vaishnavas disagree on what is the mahamantra.  You may prefer
"Harekrishna, Harekrishna" but the Pushti Margis prefer "Shri Krshna
Sharanam mama", others may prefer "Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya" etc.


> That is why Krishna concludes in Bhagwad Gita :  "SARVA DHARMAN PARITYAJYA
> donot know how advaita philosophy is going to  interpret this verse.

All Dharmas that is all actions whether worldly or religious must be
performed not with the idea "If I will do this I will get a reward" or "If
I don't do this I will be punished" but dispassionately as an offering to
the Lord.

This is bhakti as applied to the karma marga.  Jnana is opposed to karma
but not to bhakti.  On the Jnanamarga, bhakti is faith in the Guru and the
teachings of the Vedas.  There is no negation of Bhakti just its
refinement to a higher form.

> The Jnana marga outlined in BG is not for this age.  People in Satya
> yuga lived for 100,000 years. They were sruti-dhana (perfect
> memories), with clear consciousness and pristine surroundings. They
> could meditate for many years (as Vishwamitra meditated for 60,000
> years) to clarify their thought processes. We do not have those
> facilities.

Sure we do.  Right between our ears we have all the equipment we need for
atma vichara in one compact, energy-efficient, grey container.  True the
kaliyuga has diminished the power of the intellect but the atma is
self-illuminating, it can always be apprehended.

> But actually we are luckier. Krsna out of compassion has
> given us a much simpler process. Chanting His holy name. That has been
> given the same potencies of thousands of years of meditation and
> austerities. Why then should we deny His mercy? That is my question to
> you.

We shouldn't.  Alone in a dark fearful jungle with dangerous enemies on
all sides we should gratefully accept any help we can get.  But we should
not squander that help, by remaining in that jungle, when through Advaita
Vedanta we can find an exit.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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