ISKCON et. al.

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian ramakris at EROLS.COM
Sat May 13 07:11:53 CDT 2000

Bhaskar Y.R. <bhaskar.yr at IN.ABB.COM> wrote:

> I am very much interested in Advita philosophy thats why i am taking
all these
> pains to send these messages to U all.

The messages which you sent have been floating around on the internet
for quite sometime now. I have seen them about gazillion times, in
some form or the other in the now defunct srh and srv. You don't need
to rehash all that stuff here. We are *not* interested in seeing
ISKCON propoganda material. You can kindly stop taking the "pain" of
cutting and pasting ISKCON propoganda material. We certainly don't
want you to take such a huge effortof cutting and pasting  and tire
your forefinger.

If you are really interested in advaita ask some relevant questions.
As Jaldhar said, kindly summarize your objections to advaita in a
short post. Please spare us these long winded posts with no content. I
am also not interested in seeing insulting messages on Vivekananda or
Ramakrishna. Edit the objectionable parts. Please post links to
relevant articles if necessary.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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