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Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM
Sat May 13 13:28:30 CDT 2000

    My intention was not to pain anybody, but to
prevent all the rehashing of the same propaganda
material. If I have caused pain, I sincerely
apologise. My remarks were not directed against
anybody but the material and I still hold my position
in that regard.
If you are so interested in learning, why don't you
just ask specific questions ? How about that statement
which meant something like 'asat-shAstra' without even
understanding what it is all about ?  I should remind
you that you are posting to the Advaita list. On other
lists, your membership might have been terminated by
now. It is just because the moderators of this list
are tolerant that they encourage questions. Please do
not misuse their good intentions.

Don't you think filling the mail with statements such
'Advaitins are pretenders' does not hurt anybody ?

> hearing Raghavendra Prabhuji's
> comment on my mail.  The decorum which i have used
> to  present my view may not
> be polished in etiquette and submissiveness.  I beg
> to apologise for that  but
> please note you cannot get away with it by simply
> saying its all propaganda of
> ISCKON.   I have put-in lot of efforts to compile
> this data for which i think i
> will get suitable point to point clarifications from
> my learned friends of
> Advita-L.  and at the same time i dont  think any
> escapism is going to take
> place by simply throwing all facts in thin air.

Also, there is no escapism taking place. But the fact
remains that you need not have to insult anybody to
make your point. Moreover this particular topic has
been well discussed in earlier mailing lists as shrii
Ramakrishnan indicated. If you are *really* interested
in learning about Advaita Vedanta, you should make an
effort of going through those archives before mailing
us all these 'facts'.

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

Yes, all of us also like to take the name of Lord
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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