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Mon May 15 02:09:32 CDT 2000

Respected Prabhujis of Advita-L

I hereby apologise each and everyone in the Advita-L with prostrations for
having sent messages in such a great degree of arrogance.  Please do not be
offended by the strong language that i use in my mails.
Sometimes i employ such methods to purposely incite the other party. I
think In a philosophical discussion, there is no space for sentiments. So,
i don't think you'd be hurt by the harsh words that i use. Neither would i
get affected even if you use the most abominable language possible. I would
like to quote here verses 18 & 19 from BG Chapter-12 -Bhakti Yoga
18: Samah shatru ca mitrecha tatha Maanaapa Maanayoh:!
    Sheetoshna sukhadukesu samah sangavivargitaha!!
19: Tulya nindastu teermouni santushto yenakena chit!
    Aniketah stiramathihe bhaktimanme priyo narah!!

I dont think my learned friends of Advita-L need any explanation to these
verses.  Moreover, these qualities best suits the advities than anybody
else.  Anyway, henceforth, you will receive my mails in a more submissive
and diplomatic way.
For, after having known what the Truth is, there is no question of having
to convince people belonging to other faiths and religions. There might not
be realization of the Absolute Truth, but speaking things in knowledge is
far more superior to being in ignorance and then speaking. Dogs might bark,
but the caravan will pass.  For example, you might go and try telling a
Christian, asking him to stop eating meat. But it will not be of any use,
for your words will be falling just on deaf ears.
I take this opportuinity to beg your permission to send my doubts about
upanishad mahavakyas.  I will wait for your reply.

Sashtanga pranams to All
Your Humble servant
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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