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Respected Bhakar Prabhuji:


I have great respect for Prabhus who 'really surrender to Lord Krishna.'
Those who really surrender are free from arrogance and doubts. With real
surrendering  to Lord Krishna, the question of 'duality' doesn't arise.
When Hari  occupies our heart,  we perceive Him in words and deeds.  We no
more see  "One God," and we perceive "Only God."    This is Advaita
Philosophy in nutshell.  Sri  Sankara Bhagawan demonstrates this principle
through  Bhaja Govindham.

My grandmother used to say in Tamil "Hariyum Sivanum Ondru, Ariyathavar
Vayile Mannu."  This is a Tamil Idium in poetric form and the meaning is
simple: Those who do not understand  the unity between Vishnu and Shiva are
likely to suffer. If we recollect the  Narasimha Avatar of Maha Vishnu,  we
will be able to appreciate the fundamental Vedic Truth that God is
everywhere and we can't find any matter where God is present.  We also know
the moral behind this Avatar that arrogance has no place for spiritual

Your postings show that you are religious, quite intelligent and you
correctly identified  that arrogance is your shortfall.  Your observation is
quite accurate and  now it is time for you to convert your words into deeds.
Sri Kulasekara Azwar who wrote the beautiful poem,  "Mukunda Mala" is
greatly respected by the Prabhus of Hare Krishna Movement.  I honestly
suggest that you read the verses of  Mukunda Mala to clear your doubts about
Advaita Philosophy.  These verses will definitely open your heart and fill
your heart with Love and Divinity.  When the heart is filled with Love and
Divinity, the human attitude changes and the Atman (human soul) merges with
the Brahman.  This is Advaita!

Sri Kulasekara  Azwar didn't  demand material goods from the Lord.  His only
request to the Lord is to grant him a mind constantly  thinking all the time
only about the Lord! When our heart is pure, there will be no more  no
duality.  If we demonstrate doubts on  "Mahavakya" we demonstrate our
arrogance. This arrogance injects on our friends, relatives and everyone
around us.

Finally, learning is a life-long process. We don't know when we began our
process of learning  and  we will never know the end of this process.
Consequently, faith became necessary to make us to believe all that we don't
see.  With strong convictions in our faith, we can see what we believe.
This is the Prasad that we are looking for.  The Prasad  is offered by  the
Lord and it is not given if we ask for.  The Prasad  will certainly come
when He decides to give!  None of us are capable to  clear your doubts and
it is up to the Lord to clear your doubts.  The best strategy for all of us
is to request the Lord to clear our doubts including the doubts on Advaita.
It is possible for  you to establish your  strong faith by adoring  to
discipline, restraining your impulse to jump into conclusions and wait until
the Lord clears your doubts.   When ignorance is present, we will have
doubts regarding everything including the philosophies (advaita, dwaita or
visitadwaita) of life. With His Grace, we will have wisdom and all doubts
will melt away! This is Shankara's Advaita Philosophy!

Harih Om!

Ram Chandran

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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